Carpet Manufacturers


Independent Third Party Inspections

  • FCITS Certified Carpet Inspections
  • FCITS Certified Hard Surface Inspections
  • FCITS Certified Moisture Testing


Field Services and Corrective Services

  • Expert Blending and Color Correction Issues
  • Textural Issues
  • Micro Shearing
  • Modular Tile Shearing
  • Re-berling and Grafting
  • Job Startups
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Issues
  • Technical Cleaning (Manufacturing Lubricants, Specialty Spotting, etc…)
  • Moisture Testing
  • Well Traveled and Fully Equipped

When Dollars and Relationships are on the line, there is no substitute for experience.

Dark line before blending

Dark line after blending

Low loops before corrections

Low loops after corrections

Sidematch before blending

Sidematch after blending

Sidematch before blending

Sidematch after blending

Tip shear variance before micro shearing and blending

Tip shear variance after micro shearing and blending